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May 24, 2020

Sergeant Douche Bag…

In this episode we talk about LivePD and the lack of professionalism of some of the officers that have been displayed in the Friday episode. As usual we also talk about every damn thing under the sun. Morgan Wright joins the show to bring his unique perspective. We also are joined by Christine as she comes on to talk about the new show coming, Southern Discomfort. April & Christine will host the new show which will delve into everything mysterious and southern. A new kind of true crime podcast that you are not gonna want to miss. So grab a beer pull up a chair and join us. 

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In this episode we interview a member of the band "The Screens". We speak with Neil Watson, Neil is a member of the band along with Colin Wade. The Screens are a new band with a colorful and diverse musical history. Before their formation in 2017 they were involved in film and TV composing projects which included credits such as Kill Bill 2, Mr & Mrs Smith, Sex And The City, Lost, Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons, The Soprano's, Smallville....In addition they have worked with a whole string of established artists including Paul Weller, The Cult, Ruby Turner, Marillion, Hue & Cry, A Tribe Called Quest, The Cure, Billy Ocean.....Its about as diverse as it gets, right?! We talk about their new album "The Boy Who Waved At Trains" which was released on March 20th. you can find more about the Screens at the link below. So sit back grab a beer and join us in the fantastic interview.

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May 10, 2020

Age of Ultron?

In this weeks episode we have guest Morgan Wright. We discuss the possible Corona vaccine and rather or not it will be safe and just who should get it. We talk about Google's claims to have built the worlds first quantum computer and is this the first step to the human race inventing A.I. Could this A.I. help the human race evolve or will it go all Ultron and decide that we humans are the virus that must be eradicated. As usual we also go off the rails and talk about everything under the sun. Is Pablo Escobar still alive? Well he did call Game Stop. So grab a beer sit back relax and enjoy the show. 

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May 4, 2020

Star Wars Bitches

It's May the 4th be with you and this episode is all about star wars. Did you love or hate the new Star Wars movies? Well we break it down and give our 2 cents so check it out.

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April 26, 2020

These ain’t my pants

In this episode we talk with the "Iceman" at 20 plus year Veteran of law enforcement. Iceman is what is known as a Motorman or in civilian terms a motorcycle officer. Iceman also has a podcast called MotorCop Chronicles where he tells all about the crazy shit he seen over the years. We sit down and discuss his experiences on the job and the dumb shit that people say and some of the crazy shit he has seen.   

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April 21, 2020

Just another manic Monday

Just our weekly WTF is going on episode. Dropping by to check in on ya and talk about what's been going on in the week. A little something to keep you going until Saturday, enjoy. 

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April 15, 2020

Media Mania

In this episode we talk about your stimulus check...More importantly we talk about the hysteria the media is pushing and the new testing for Corona, do they just want your DNA? We talk with Christine as she deals with her fear of germs during these times. Also a very worthy cause we hope you all help out with. 

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April 12, 2020


Well we are back for the weekly installment of the LSN podcast. We are joined by Morgan Wright and Samantha. In the first segment we talk about all things corona for the weekly recap on how my bank card was hacked,  we talk about Captain Brett Crozier, whom was relieved from command of the USS Theodore Rosevelt and the anthrax vaccine and where it came from. It goes off the rails from there as usual and we try very hard to entertain you. ENJOY!


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April 4, 2020


In this episode we are joined by Morgan Wright, we discuss a local "church" cult that is refusing to stop services. The pastor, Mark Anthony Spell, sounds and look like a modern day Jim Jones. He has total disregard for the community and has stated he will continue to break the law and put everyone at risk. We also discuss everything under the sun in this episode as we usually do. So sit back and enjoy. 

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April 1, 2020

Hypochondriac hysteria

In this episode we have our sissy on to discuss panic mode...

Just our normal middle of the week episode to keep you busy and and entertained until the next live show on Saturday.

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